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Video-Marketing: Now you are the director, Hörb...
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This training will show you different possibilities for the creation of videos, which will enable you to easily create your own videos in the future and thus enhance your internet business. You will learn how the content of a video should be like, how to create a video, how to present the video on the internet, how to best publish the video on YouTube, how to drive YouTube traffic directly to your website and many other things. Don´t miss out all the useful tips and tricks, that will help you to get the best out of your video marketing efforts. But the most important thing of all: get things started by creating your first video or optimizing your existing videos! The following themes are handled: Introduction, 7 Impact Factors, Content of the video, You begin, but in no way should you begin with the words..., Now you may introduce yourself and greet the audience, There are plenty of things to pay attention, Content mistakes, Technical mistakes, Rule: Professional camera can only be used by a professional, Recording mistakes I, Recording mistakes II, A small studio, Review the videos, You publish your videos on YouTube, The keywords with which you want your video to be found, Promote your video with some additional clicks, Viewer loyalty plays an important role, Proportion of likes to dislikes, In other words which equipment is necessary?, However for lighting the opposite is to be applied, What else might you need? Enjoy the feeling that you´re on the move. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Henning Glaser. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Webinar-Workshops: SEO-Marketing für mehr Erfol...
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5 Workshops für ein besseres Google-Ranking: Keyword Analyse - OnPage Analyse - OffPage Optimierung - Lokale Google-Suche - Video-Marketing & SEO Workshop 1 - Keyword Analyse Länge: 49 Minuten Welche Keywords sind für das SEO-Marketing richtig Um mit ihrer Website und ihrem Webshop erfolgreich zu sein, ist es essenziell wichtig, die richtigen und auch kommerziell für Ihren Internetauftritt wertvollsten Keywords zu ermitteln. Dazu reicht es leider nicht, aus dem Bauchgefühl heraus zu entscheiden mit welchen Begriffen die Nutzer bei Google & Co nach ihrem Angebot suchen. Vielmehr ist es wichtig genau zu wissen, nach was der User tatsächlich sucht. In diesem Webinar lernen Sie Schritt für Schritt wie sie die richtigen Keywords ermitteln und erfolgreich in Ihr Webprojekt integrieren. Die richtigen Keywords finden Am Anfang jedweder Optimierung für eine Website...

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